Sarasota gets pretty swampy this time of year, making indoor events like our Sunnyside Village recital and Sarasota Bay Club's "BayClub Kids" program all the more enjoyable. 

This year at Sunnyside, we heard some rousing piano music and some stand-up comedy from residents of the Village. Student performers gave us some memorable tunes (including some virtuosic flair from clarinetist Michael Miller, who will depart Sarasota this summer to begin his professional music studies at the Eastman School of Music in Rochester). As usual, we had a nicely moderated discussion between our Elders audience and the students following the recital. Good words. Photos and (hopefully) a video compilation to come!

KAETA is proudly co-sponsoring Sarasota Bay Club's great program between residents of their retired community and students from Girls Inc. (one of Sarasota's finest student programs). This year we're helping them through a seven-week program where, each week, they'll read a book about an artist and then create their own art under the guidance of a professional artist. One week will include a guided tour of the Ringling Museum to help spark their creativity. These elder/kid bonds are heartening in ways that make us all proud. By the end of this year's project, the artwork will be displayed in a gallery at the SBC for all the parents and other retired residents to see! 



Songs, Stories, Spread the Word

This Wednesday, January 25th, at 6:30pm, KAETA will present its (now traditional) recital at Sunnyside Village, in the chapel (for directions, click here)! Sunnyside has hosted us year after year and was one of the organizations which gave us the confidence to become who we are. Admission is free, and you'll be treated to a short (30-45 minutes) of music, stories, and magic tricks (?!?) shared by students and seniors. We're excited to see what will happen!


Shortly before Thanksgiving, we received a note from one of our student participants ("Project Storytime"), and we'd like to share that note with you here as we look ahead optimistically to 2017. Needless to say, everything we do at KAETA is for moments like this one.

I met Rose in January of 2016. We instantly bonded over our love of texting. We met a couple of times after that, in which she told me all about her crazy life. I made a 4 minute video about her, which she promptly shared with all her kids and grandkids. But perhaps the most touching thing to happen was on July 16th. Let me put this in context for you, I was in Turkey for the summer, and the night before, July 15th, there had been a military coup. The military tried to take over the streets, so the cities were in chaos. On the morning of July 16th I received a text from Rose asking me if everything was alright, asking what was going on. This text came before all of my friend’s texts. I was so emotional, because not only did she remember the small detail that I was Turkish, but also that I was going to be in Turkey. I explained the situation to her, and she told me she would pray for my safe passage home.

After my return to America, we met again. This time she invited me to dinner. Dinner at the Sunnyside retirement village is very similar to lunch at a high school. There are cliques and even social drama. When I was about to leave, Rose gave me a box of cookies she had baked and told me that even though she already has 20+ grandchildren, she thinks of me as one of them. We hugged and I promised to bake cookies with her before the holidays. My meeting of a Rose was so unlikely and unexpected, and it would not have happened if I hadn’t needed a couple extra volunteering hours.
— L
Heartwarming Holidays shared by two of KAETA's "Project Storytime" participants.

Heartwarming Holidays shared by two of KAETA's "Project Storytime" participants.

As you know, KAETA is a public charity which operates through your tax-deductible donations (click here). However, there is another way you can help which has nothing to do with us! Upon President Obama's leaving office, the Obama Foundation was created. They're currently seeking ideas for how to best focus their efforts. You can help all of us by encouraging them to focus on intergenerational efforts. KAETA firmly believes this kind of dialogue will be one of the most important pathways to a brighter future in America. Please take a moment to offer your encouragement to the Obama Foundation: 

Click here to open a new window and add your voice of support for intergenerational programming!





The Latest!

KAETA is proud to have assisted the Sarasota Bay Club again this summer with its "Bay Club Kids" program. Board members Madelyn Kumar, Kathleen Rhem, and Laura Stephenson participated in continuing the SBC's remarkable tradition of bringing GIRLS INC participants together with Elders of the SBC for reading, art, and laughter.

Our "beta" test of Project Storytime is coming to a conclusion. This effort was designed to create a more independent platform for high-school aged students to connect with seniors in our community through an artistic endeavor. Selected students were asked to produce creative videos which captured the spirit of their weekly meetings with paired Elders. We are reviewing final materials now and will be refining our project design of P.S. for 2017.

Our next new project design involves creating a traveling team of Elder volunteers. Coordinating with school art programs, KAETA will design and manage a "contest" of sorts whereby participating art classrooms will have the opportunity to win cash grants (grants to the school art programs themselves) for producing the most unique and captivating projects based interviews with our traveling Elder group.

Look ahead for more senior/student recitals as well, and please contact us anytime if you're in the greater Sarasota area and would like to volunteer. (Please note that all volunteers selected for program participation will undergo background and/or reference checks, as usual.) Contact us at:



Spring Recital and Summer Fun

Wednesday, May 6th, KAETA will be presenting a Student and Senior recital of music at Sunnyside Villages. 6:30pm, FREE to the public. Sunnyside has been a mainstay of KAETA programming, and we are proud to offer this lighthearted event on their beautiful grounds! Please join us for an hour of music and conversation. Seating is limited, and these events usually fill up, so please arrive early.

Over the summer, KAETA will officially co-sponsor BAY CLUB KIDS at the Sarasota Bay Club. Details (and an official press release) are coming, but we can share now that this will be one of the most immersive and wide-ranging projects KAETA has ever produced. This event will take place over the summer of 2015, and it will draw together the forces of KAETA, Girls Inc., The Sarasota Bay Club, and others! 

KAETA Adds New Leadership

We are incredibly humbled to welcome three new Board members to the KAETA family! Kathryn Ehnes, Madelyn Kumar, and Kathleen Rhem have joined us this month, bringing extraordinary experience to our team. You can read about each of them here. As these wonderful women step in, we reiterate our immense gratidtude to David and Maggie Brenner, along with Betsy Hudson Traba, who have rotated off the Board and continue in an advisory capacity. We are expecting some extraordinary things this season, so keep an eye on this space...  

For Immediate Release

Summer Reading & Art Program

Sarasota Bay Club recently completed an intergenerational Reading & Art Program for ten girls ages seven and eight, who currently attend Girls Inc. of Sarasota County. The girls were paired with senior volunteers from Sarasota Bay Club and the results were magical! “Friendships formed as the pairs worked together through seven specially chosen books,” said Kathleen Rhem, the Lifestyle Coordinator for Sarasota Bay Club. In addition to the reading time each week, students and resident volunteers went on to complete art projects based on each of the books. The finished artwork was displayed in an evening gallery show, to which the families of the girls were invited to attend.

This innovative program was made possible by the Community Foundation of Sarasota County, Innovative Art Solutions, KAETA and The Campaign for Grade Level Reading which promotes school readiness, combating summer learning loss and preventing chronic absenteeism. 

KAETA Recital, November 6th

Sunnyside Villages of Sarasota is proud to host another KAETA musical event on November 6th in their gorgeous new Chapel. Residents of Sunnyside will participate with student musicians from the greater Sarasota/Bradenton community for an evening of music and sharing. This event is free and open to the public.

The Start of Something Good

This summer, KAETA helped document and produce a wonderful partnership between The Community Foundation of Sarasota County, Girls Inc., and the Sarasota Bay Club. This collaborative summer project provided reading support, one-on-one mentorship, and art activities to a group of 1st through 3rd grade girls enrolled at Tuttle, Gocio and Emma E. Booker elementary schools.

The goals of the project were: 

1. To provide girls with one-on-one mentoring opportunities with residents of the Sarasota Bay Club to support their improved reading, comprehension, vocabulary and critical thinking skills.

2. To develop increased confidence in girls’ reading abilities -becoming an avenue to life-long interest and love in reading.

3. To positively impact summer reading loss.

4. To support a positive model of intergenerational relationships.

5. To provide girls with opportunities to work with a local artist and participate in myriad art projects.

6. To have FUN and LEARN in an experiential and caring format which could support the successful accomplishment of project goals – (so that it didn't feel like being in school for the summer!)

We're so proud to work with these organizations, who represent some of the finest community-focused efforts in the region. Congratulations to everyone involved! 

This was an unqualified success. Thank you to everyone at girls inc., the Community Foundation, and the SBC!

This was an unqualified success. Thank you to everyone at girls inc., the Community Foundation, and the SBC!

Photos from The GMDR

KAETA was proud to be sponsored by Claire Selius and her wonderful team at The Great Mother's Day (and Father's Day) Race. Congratulations to everyone who participated, and thank you for helping support intergenerational work in Florida. Here are a few photos from those beautiful mornings.


The Great Mother's Day Race!

KAETA is proud to be sponsored by this year's Race. A portion of your registration fee will help us run programs during the next season. We're heartened to be collaborating with such wonderful people, and we hope you'll join us for this excellent spring outing.

The Great Mother’s Day Race is a 5K run/walk that the whole family can do together to create a unique, and lasting, family memory. The event is family-friendly and focuses on health and wellness, plus competition. We want families and friends to get off the couch, get moving, and create exciting memories of fun and adventure!

Sarasota - Sunday, May 4, 2014

Siesta Key Beach
948 Beach Rd.
Sarasota, FL 34242

Visit the Sarasota info page here.
Register for the Sarasota race here.

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