Old age is like anything else: To make a success of it, you’ve got to start young.
— Fred Astaire

The Mission

The KAETA Corporation exists to promote an entertaining and educational dialogue between older and younger generations of Americans through shared experiences in the arts.

Our vision is based upon the assertion that a community’s elders are its most precious resource, matched only by the unlimited potential of its children. Further, that there is a profound responsibility within every community to ensure that younger generations are stepping forward into the future with a deep understanding of community history and of those in society who have laid the cultural foundations upon which we stand.


What Types of Events Does KAETA Sponsor?

KAETA generates and organizes the broad-based community collaboration needed to produce artistic events in retirement centers, civic facilities, and other community venues. These events become forums in which children and elders are able to share their stories, work together, and develop important bonds.


Events may range from informal discussions to full scale side-by-side performances where children and elders rehearse and perform together. In our time of online networking and constant technological innovation, KAETA generates events which foster face to face communication. Working with parents and community leaders, we match children and elders who share similar interests, and we provide the means for them to create together. Our efforts can be large or small and may involve any artistic endeavor -music, dance, visual arts, sculpture, creative writing, drama, and others.


Who Manages KAETA?

KAETA is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, founded by musicians Anne and Bharat Chandra, and run entirely by volunteers. The Officers and Board of Directors are a committed group of enthusiastic and talented community leaders, diverse in age and background. Some are parents. Some are grandparents, and everyone involved is a long-time Sarasota resident with strong ties to the community at large.