The Latest!

KAETA is proud to have assisted the Sarasota Bay Club again this summer with its "Bay Club Kids" program. Board members Madelyn Kumar, Kathleen Rhem, and Laura Stephenson participated in continuing the SBC's remarkable tradition of bringing GIRLS INC participants together with Elders of the SBC for reading, art, and laughter.

Our "beta" test of Project Storytime is coming to a conclusion. This effort was designed to create a more independent platform for high-school aged students to connect with seniors in our community through an artistic endeavor. Selected students were asked to produce creative videos which captured the spirit of their weekly meetings with paired Elders. We are reviewing final materials now and will be refining our project design of P.S. for 2017.

Our next new project design involves creating a traveling team of Elder volunteers. Coordinating with school art programs, KAETA will design and manage a "contest" of sorts whereby participating art classrooms will have the opportunity to win cash grants (grants to the school art programs themselves) for producing the most unique and captivating projects based interviews with our traveling Elder group.

Look ahead for more senior/student recitals as well, and please contact us anytime if you're in the greater Sarasota area and would like to volunteer. (Please note that all volunteers selected for program participation will undergo background and/or reference checks, as usual.) Contact us at: